Newberry Springs

Find out the answer to the question, “What’s so special about Newberry Spring?”

Newberry Springs

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    Driving east on Route 66 thru Newberry Springs
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    Old highway maintenance facility used during Route 66 era
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    One of several old gas stations along the Newbery Springs stretch of Route 66
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    Cult favorite Bagdad Café is in Newberry Springs
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    Inside the Bagdad Café
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    A decaying Whiting Bros gas station

What’s So Special About Newberry Springs?

by Rich Stock

Reprinted from Desert Life, July 1993

The Bill Delaney Collection

That appears to be a popular question among Barstow residents and even some local residents as they are witnessing an increased pace of growth. Not just property buyers and investors, but people buying property who plan to immediately develop it and live on it.

Several articles have been written about Newberry Springs, exposing its virtue to people in other areas of the U.S. and especially in the “down below” communities of Los Angeles, Orange County, Riverside, etc., etc.

Perhaps other growth factors near Newberry Springs promise employment with new industry, large military facility expansion, trucking, distribution centers, and many other businesses offering to sustain larger community growth.

Also, this area is being promoted for its many days of sunshine through establishment of the world’s largest commercial solar energy facility. People from all over are visiting this project and inquiring about other assets of this area.

It’s then that they are informed of its unique water abundance; and with that topic, Newberry Springs definitely comes into the conversation. With very little information, except sunshine, water, and available land, they drive to Newberry Springs to see this oasis in the desert.

After driving on their own throughout the valley, they are further encouraged by green landscaping, private home-size lakes, new homes popping up in any direction they drive, orchards of all kinds, etc. In short, a promising place to live.

It’s because of this personal exploration that people are looking to buy here, develop, and live here. It is happening now! In the late ’60s and the ’70s, Newberry Springs was promoted as a “Water-Wonder-land.” Land was a little over-priced in those years, but through effective dedication and persistence, these pioneer developers were buying some grains of sand for a new and different type of community.

Today, a community is developing that may even be surpassing the early promoters’ expectations. Some of the earlier investors were buying simply to profit from their investment. A few developed their land and moved here. Others are holding their investment for future development. Still others are slowly developing their property on a weekend work project.

Like all new communities, especially country communities, there are growing pains and setbacks, with the old being replaced by the new. Today, Newberry is experiencing this transition, sometimes painful yet promising and encouraging to many. A new birth of a new social, spiritual and progressing plan for a better way of living. New people are contributing new ideas, new desires, new ambitions, new goals, and new positive actions. All are necessary ingredients to a lasting, enduring, and growing countryside community. In addition are the many personal contributions of citizens in expressing their concerns for an organized growth.

County-level support has also participated in keeping Newberry Springs the unique country-type community it was intended to be. With no home-site to be on less than a 2 1/2 acre parcel, Newberry will be practically one-of-a-kind in its rancho-home sized development Especially true in So. California, as the growth demand is exceeding available desirable land for development. As growth continues at an ever-increasing pace in So. California, Newberry Springs’ desirability makes it a very special place indeed.

Even during the 8-year drought in the ’70s, Newberry Springs’ water table remained consistent. In spite of its current growth, it is maintaining that same consistency. You can be encouraged on this by talking with a local well driller who certainly is knowledgeable about Newberry Springs water.

Certainly, Newberry Springs is Special! It is a community for the special people who still want the freedom of America in their home, pets, gardens, and friends and are willing to pay the price of some of the inconveniences of pioneering needed to accomplish these valuable objectives.

Many people, when you talk about a city, county, or community, want to hear something special or even extraordinary about it. Well, when it comes to Newberry Springs, it is extremely simple because it requires only experiencing its healthy weather, peace of city-absence. and abundant available water.

If you are a neighbor here, count your blessings. If you are visiting, please feel welcomed as a new neighbor, whether you will be or not. That is the good and positive attitudes we wish to inspire as our citizenship grows to welcome you to our community family.

Welcome to Newberry Springs!