Our website offers a variety of maps. Some show the original alignments of Route 66 through California, where others point out what to see along the route.
Each destination that we showcase on our website, whether it is a town or museum, is plotted on an interactive map for you to virtual explore. See a list of our maps by clicking the bellow button.


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All of our webpages that cover a place along Route 66 also includes an interactive map.  When you are looking at one of the webpages, look for the map towards the bottom of the page.

Below is a map of Route 66’s current “drive-able” path across California.  Click on the various icons, including the highway shields, for more information.

There are also maps showing where the historical alignments of Route 66 were located.  Click the button below see the maps.

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Maps of Places

Below are a selection of maps that plot different types of places to visit along Route 66.

Alignment Maps

These maps show different the alignments that Route 66 used over the years since its creation in 1926.

Map set still under construction