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We are a group of dedicated people with a passion of preserving the portion of Route 66 that passes through the State of California.  This portion of highway passes through some of the most populated and remote sections of the United States.  In the populated areas, old relics from the highway’s past are quickly be absorbed by new development.  Similar relics in the remote and desolate areas are quickly fading away into the desert wind.

The following video explains our mission

Our goal is to preserve historic portions of Route 66 inside California.  Along with preservation, our other goal is to promote and educate the public about he historical features of Route 66.  In this website, we’ll show you where points of interest, towns and historical landmarks are located, along with facts and the stories that go along with them.


Our first and foremost goal at CAHR66A is to preserve the historical aspects of Route 66.

Corridor Management Plan


The Barstow to Needles Corridor Management Plan (the “CMP”) is a joint project between us and the BLM.

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Future Projects


Learn more about preservation projects along California’s Route 66 that we are planning.

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Without preservation, we cannot promote the historical aspects of Route 66, because as the future marches on, landmarks that are not preserved will fade away into history.

Our website is your gateway into learning what there is to see along historic Route 66.

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Get involved with preserving and learning about historical Route 66 in California


Your membership will help fund the preservation of all the relics along Route 66 and help educate the public on where to learn where these relics are located and what their historical values are.


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Our website offers a variety of maps.  Some show the original alignments of Route 66 through California, where others point out the points of interest along the route.

All of our maps are accompanied with the pages on Route 66 points of interest, historical landmarks and towns along the way.  See Promote to read more.

Below is a map of Route 66’s path across California.  Click on the various icons, including the highway shields, for more information.

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We’ve gathered links to various Route 66 videos…

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